Sam Sulek: You Should Know Interesting Things About Him

What is Sam Sulek's age?

Sam Sulek was born on 7 Feburary 2002. He is now 22 years old.

How tall is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek's height is 5'11", and he is the owner of stylish and strong physics.

Is Sam Sulek natty?

The answer is big "Yes". He has fair skin & muscular body. He achieved them in just 2O years old.

Where is Sam Sulek from?

Sam Sulek comes from Delaware, OH, USA.

Who is Sam Sulek's GF?

There has been no official announcement about Sam Sulek's girlfriend. However, we can see a Keiani-name girl with Sam Sulek in some videos. 

What are Sam Sulek's YouTube stats?

Currently, Sam Sulek has 3.31M subscribers on his YouTube channel, and the number of subscribers is growing continuously.

What is Sam Sulek's birth sign?

Sam Sulek's birth sign is Aquarius.


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